Pipe dream

Posted on Mon, 7 Dec 2015 by midcenturyjo

This award-winning show garden by Melbourne-based Alison Douglas Design is just the inspiration I need for that awkward spot at the end of my garden. I just have to explain to my husband why I need to buy a large concrete culvert pipe.

PIPE DREAM is a hidden oasis in our busy city designed as an antidote to our epidemic of being time poor. The meditation moon gate/day bed, reflective water feature and fire pit are all created from concrete pipes. Concrete was chosen as a feature material to reference the ‘concrete jungle’ we inhabit… Pipe Dream is a place to stop, meditate, reflect and breathe. As this is easier said than done one might call it a ‘Pipe Dream’.

siaosi says:

I absolutely love the idea of these chairs that are inside of culvert pipes. I have seen many people put the extra pieces to waste. I would like to see more people get creative like this. Thank you for the great idea.

Stephen says:

Wow,this is brillant the more I look at them the more I think of them, just can't convinced my wife my wave of thinking, it full of colour blue and white as we live by the sea Highchiffe, UK. This is just right. Even have photo printed hung in my pub sheď doing drawing after drawing for my final check list the day will come soon then later:)) well done looking forward for other people copy of these pipe design garden..

tony smyth says:

Looks great. I was wondering how you fitted the wood and lighting onto the top of the pipe. THANKS

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