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Posted on Wed, 23 Dec 2015 by KiM

I recently featured this loft and this other loft by New York based design firm Studio DB and because I am now a huge fan, I thought I would share my favourite spaces from several other projects they have completed. They are all about funky graphic patterns, beautiful wood and statement tile.

Caroline says:

Ain't their designs amazing?? Their clever use of space in children's rooms are ingenious.

Dorothy says:

Beautiful, beautiful patterns

Tani says:

I really, really love Desire to inspire and I visit your site daily for inspiring images BUT I really dislike the pop up adds under the images you have included lately.
I totally understand you have sponsors and that is fantastic but is there any way to keep them on the side bar where they do not detract from your beautiful images?
Ps I love the Australian/ Canadian link as I am a Canadian by birth and an Australian by choice! Best of both worlds!
Merry Christmas

KiM says:

Tani, see my comment in the following post 🙂

Wow!! Thanks Kim!! We're thrilled that you have featured so much of our work. We're big fans of you too! 🙂 We really appreciate all of your press!

Happy New Year! xBritt

P.S. The four-poster bed room was designed by Jenny Vorhoff of Studio Riga, for our Tribeca loft client.

Dorin says:

Hello Team,
I loved the kitchen with the magnificent wallpaper, right above the is pic number 4 on this page.
Could you share please the distributor / Brand name?

My kitchen looks so much like this, and this wallpaper could add a lot

Cheers, D

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