Katie Lydon

Posted on Mon, 18 Jan 2016 by KiM

Katie Lydon‘s interiors bridge the gap between classic and modern, creating spaces that blend both styles seamlessly and effortlessly. Just enough wow factor without overloading the senses. And she has fabulous taste in art. (On that note, I have been trying – not very hard mind you – to find a photograph to have printed on canvas to hang over my sofa. I found this one but I’m not convinced. If anyone has a favourite source for graphic photography do share!)

Henri says:

Oh my god these people have a peter doig painting. I leave the furniture and just take the painting!!

Lindsay says:

I LOVE the chandelier (and the mirror backsplash, if that's what it is!) in photo #3, and everything about the room in photo #7. So nice.

Deb says:

It must be a print, Henri – she uses it in two different interiors on her website…. Unless the owner rents it out…..

KiM says:

Thank you Li!

Axie says:

Oh the art!

grrr says:

Ever notice how few photographers print their own work on canvas? Take note. It's a bad idea

KiM says:

Yes I have noticed. And I thought as per the first photo in this post it looked pretty cool.

Ruth says:

This is my favorite kind of eclectic look. Really great examples!

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