Not your grandmother’s apartment

Posted on Sun, 24 Jan 2016 by KiM

I am dying a slow death over this total gem of an apartment. It is EVERYTHING a Paris apartment should be. AND MORE. Featured on The Socialite Family you can catch all the juicy details there. If you’re going to take over your grandmother’s apartment and keep the tradition alive THIS is how you do it – by working with all of the jaw-dropping original architecture and adding in vintage mixed with iconic modern elements (with help from architect friend Samantha Hauvette).

The Ploum sofa by the Bouroullec brothers is one of the coolest sofas of all time IMHO.

Up there with the Ploum is the Togo. YAAASSSS!

Also by the Bouroullec brothers are these Flos AIM pendants. I have one in my living room and I want a zillion more.

Can’t have a funky Paris apartment without some tumbling block tile. *SWOON*

Ivy Lane says:

wow!! love it!

naomi says:

Not at all your grandmother's apartment! This is a lovely makeover. It is beyond lovely and well appointed. I felt like I had been transported to my beloved Paris.

Jared Hayden says:

I'll put it this way: That's the apartment I WISH my grandmother lived in.

linda says:

The apartment has a few nice aspects, but is try-hard over-decorated, cliche and horribly cluttered. There is no harmony. And being of an age of many grandmothers I must correct your callow implication that we are passe. How rude!

Ingrid says:

I fail to see the clutter.

KiM says:

Horribly cluttered??? HUH????
Linda I think you need to lighten up a little bit. YEESH!

Ruth Gardner Lamere says:

Eclectic, yes ! But dignified and tastefully furnished with respect to the truly gorgeous architectural detail, NO !! Too gimicky and too cold. Post World War II Manhattan had better examples of what this is trying to do. And so passe. Really !

Dinali says:

Obviously taste differs ! And thank god for that. How boring would life be if we all had the same taste.

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