A kitchen and bathroom renovation

Posted on Fri, 29 Jan 2016 by KiM

Buenos Aires based architect Maria Eugenia Carranza of Estudio Carranza emailed us about a couple of her latest projects. This kitchen and bathroom renovation was my favourite. Any kitchen with a black floor and white subway tile with dark grout is going to win me over. Throw in a bathroom with beautiful, bold floral wallpaper and I am left shouting YES! YES! YES! followed by a fist pump.

Stephen Ye says:

This is such a beautiful reno! You two had done a great job! 🙂

Steve says:

Start working out with the type of room you wish to create. Whether it is your kitchen or bathroom, it needs to be luxurious. Check for your kitchen, is it needed for a communal family hub or you need a convenient spot to whip up a quick supper? Your lifestyle needs, budget and available space are some of the initial deciding factor, which will influence the design and products you choose.

kyle walker says:

wow! i like bathrooms tiles and walls. Its walls so attractive. Everything is perfect.

Anna Picket says:

The kitchen in these pictures is so straightforward with the white subway tiles and black floors. The bathroom seems exactly the opposite with that intense wallpaper. I have to admit that I prefer the simplicity of the kitchen's design. When we renovate our place, I would probably keep my kitchen in neutral tones like this.

Laurie says:

One of my favorite things is white subway tile with dark grout – I think it is a sharper look. I love the windows and lights in there as well, very cute. Thanks for sharing!

kailey says:

The white and black color enhance the glory of the kitchen..Its wall looks stunning…Everything is perfect in it… Thanks for sharing..

kailey says:

Amazing designs.

siaosi says:

I think this is my first time seeing black counter tops in a bathroom. I almost love this more than I love white counter tops. The black makes it feel a lot cleaner. I would love to look into getting some new black counters.

Jackie says:

I love your lighting in your entry hallway! The gold is so cute, and very unique. I've never seen something like that! The wallpaper in your bathroom is absolutely darling! It's amazing how something like wallpaper can make the bathroom look so nice, perfect for a little renovation.

Ben says:

Great look on the bathroom walls!

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