Bronte house, and my dream kitchen

Posted on Mon, 8 Feb 2016 by KiM

Dear gawd this kitchen is IT! It makes me want to take a sledgehammer to mine. Black and brass is so sexy in any application, but in a kitchen it is such a hot combination. Especially because the designer Pip Norris was smart enough not to use black countertops. I have been living a year and a half with some type of granite/quartz black stuff and it is a freaking nightmare to keep clean. These cabinets though – WOW. And the antique finish of the faucet and bathroom fixtures is incredible. The stuff that dreams are made of. (Photos: Tom Ferguson)

ciely says:

I love the serious n sleek vibe of this house too… BUT
I really need the work area of the kitchen to face a view not a wall
as I try to have the patience to stir up rissoto, polenta, or anything
that requires stationary commitment.

Annie says:


Jared Hayden says:

I keep coming back to this post, and you're right. That kitchen is PERFECTION. I tried to find one element that wasn't genius, but I couldn't.

Meredith says:

Oh, I love it. Any idea where that kitchen table is from?

Ro says:

Hey there wondering if anyone can tell me what the exact tiles are that are used in the kitchen backsplash? Thanks!!

Pip Norris says:

Hi there – just seen this article and the responses – thank you all very much for your enthusiasm towards the kitchen. In answer to the questions, I had the table made by a fantastic company called Timbermill Designs, here in Sydney. I don't have the name of the tiles to hand but they were from Amber Tiles and were a chocolate-y colour, as opposed to solid black. Kim the bench top was Caesarstone Clamshell.

Facing the wall is the downside of a galley kitchen but sometimes the space dictates this design and it really was the only way I could see to play with the length of the room and have it make sense. The table which was custom designed for the space was 3.2m long and only 75cm wide so it also helped play on the length of the room.

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