Melbourne House by Greg Natale

Posted on Mon, 11 Apr 2016 by KiM

The King of Glamour strikes again. Yet another impeccably curated space that is sophisticated to the hilt in this seven bedroom Melbourne home. Sydney based interior designer Greg Natale always nails it and I will forever be a huge fan of his spaces. The design is a study in balance and contrast of textures, hues and shapes. The dramatic entrance, where the angles of the ceiling, windows and doors are juxtaposed by the circular ottoman, chandelier and organic-patterned rug, offers a taste of the dynamics within. 

Suzanne Melton says:

I love this! Not "my style," but I LOVE THIS!!

I love black and white and the second photo took my breath away…

…but all I could think of when I saw the first photo: "Birds' Nests"!

Jared Hayden says:

Is there such a thing as TOO OTT?

Tani says:

Very beautiful, clearly very expensive but I just feel it's a tad contrived and lacks personality. I'd love to see some quirky vintage pieces included in all the glamour.

Suzanne Melton says:

Jared Hayden: No. NO! NOOOOOOOOOO!

Anything worth doing is worth overdoing!

Well, anyway, we should each decorate our home to please ONLY ourselves or, in this case, to please the client.

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