Living in the jungle

Posted on Wed, 20 Apr 2016 by midcenturyjo

Over the years Kim and I have been fascinated by the homes of Sera Hersham-Loftus or should I say the reinvention of her homes. The queen of the boudoir look with its seductive, glamorous and over-the-top trappings is also the queen of the quick change, of reinvigorating her glorious spaces. Kim last featured her house a year ago but when I recently visited the Sera of London website, voila, her house had evolved into a glamazon jungle with the addition of even more houseplants than her usual parlour palms. It’s spring, only it’s inside. I love the look but can you imagine watering day?!

Åsa, Gothenburg says:

I can move in immediatly. If someone just could help me with the plants!

Belle says:

I have followed Sera since I first saw Chocolate Towers it was the most incredible home I had ever seen I love what she has done here and yesI would love to know what happens on watering day as well this is truly unique love it..

Moyra says:

Irresistible, enchanting, funky and that's just the standard lamp shades! This home reflects the personality and soul of its owner. It's a beautiful interior and inspirational to me.

Ellen says:

Looks like a beautiful place to go and sit and forget about your troubles. I would love my space to be just like that…

Anita Trupiano says:

Where do I find these lovely urns to buy?

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