A summer house in Norway

Posted on Thu, 21 Apr 2016 by KiM

Summer is upon many of us and I think I just found the ideal summer house. Yes, I can imagine taking the summer off work and hanging out here basking in the sun, swimming in the lake and enjoying the jaw-dropping views. It is incredible how architecture firm Jensen & Skodvin incorporated the side of the mountain into the home. This home is a true architectural masterpiece. (Thank you Silje for the link!) 

Jared Hayden says:

OMG just took on a whole new meaning for me.

Axie says:

I completely agree, Jared. Jaw-dropping. It looks like it's growing out of the earth. And the views are breathtaking.

ro says:

Isn´t that the house of movie "ex-machina"?, I think that the living and the kitchen appear on that film.

Moyra says:

Spectacular! Will someone please point out where the fireplace and chimney is? Does it have steps in front? I notice a useful wee extra gas or electric fire beside the sofa to keep you warm til the main one is lit. Thanks for sharing.

KiM says:

@ro – It apparently is from that movie. So now I HAVE to watch it this weekend.

Turkan Nakipoglu says:

This's the house of movie "ex machine" ,isn't it ?

Sylvie Rose says:

Yes, it is !

ombia says:

@ro – only a part of the house was in the movie. Most of the movie was made in the hotel Juvet


About that stunning place I posted here, you will recognize a kitchen

Justine says:

Saw this Summer House designed by renowned architect, Jan Jensen on one of the episodes of Extraordinary Houses on Netflix , a modest, sensitive perfectionist who shaped this sophisticated, wood, glass, steel house around the cliff without disturbing any trees, without blasting any dynamite. There are split shingles he explains made of the core of the pine tree each cut by hand with an ax, a technique that goes back to the Vikings and reminiscent of the spectacular Norwegian Stave churches of Borgund.
The house is spectacular with it’s intertwined spaces built around a granite face which becomes a sensational piece of art in the living room. The height and depth of views of the fjords and the massive timbers holding up this delicately fitted structure make it appear like a childhood dream of luxurious private tree house that you’ve always longed for.

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