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Posted on Tue, 26 Apr 2016 by midcenturyjo

It’s what Australian architects seem to do so well. The extension, the addition to an old house that opens the living areas up and out. House facades and streetscapes are maintained while out the back clever two storey additions fulfil family needs for modern living. Love the monochromatic palette of this home warmed by the rich wood accents. Contemporary, clean lined, sleek and stylish (although I’m a little worried that, at least here in Australia, the Flos Lighting Aim Lamps are in danger of going the way of Tom Dixon’s Beat Lights and become ubiquitous). Elwood House by Melbourne-based Architecture and Interior Design practice Therefore Studio.

Blanders says:

Kind of loving the textured black bathroom with white fittings.

Although the white fittings will show rust and the black tiles will show calcium buildup, so perhaps this will be a trend best left to the wealthy…

This is the second addition in a few days that looks nothing like the original house. Very interesting.
Blanders: vinegar works wonders on calcium buildup, but you have to stay on top of it. Rust isn't a problem around here, so I haven't had to look for solutions to that.

Ruth says:

I love this project. However, I do wonder how it integrates with the front of the house. Too often the front rooms just get abandoned and feel ghostly. "living out the back" usually means something genuine up against something useless.

wwax says:

Hard water isn't as much of a problem , most of the water comes from Dams & reservoirs not aquifers so is very soft. I never actually had to deal with calcium build up on anything until I moved to the US.

lea says:

I guess all the bedrooms are in the front of the house so will still be used. Happy to see that beautiful tree in the back yard survived.

ombia says:

Beautiful kitchen and dining room.
Rust? Had white faucet, actually I never saw rust on faucet in the city I live. What causes it?

Isabel says:

Lovely rooms and layout both inside and outside. One thing I notice with house extensions is that there is a feeling of the renovated or extended part not blending with the original part of the house. I would love to have my house extended because we need a larger space for our growing family. But I want to maintain the feel of one house and that every part is indeed of one, all functional and all having the same cosy feel of home. I could truly do a lot having a home extension builder that can meet my needs and yet be within reasonable budget and convenience to my family's day-to-day activities.

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