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Posted on Wed, 27 Apr 2016 by midcenturyjo

The real estate adage goes “location, location, location” and I don’t think you can get a more spectacular location than Ben Buckler Point in Sydney, overlooking iconic Bondi Beach. Here houses spill down to the high water line bravely facing the unremitting waves. How do you design a house that is up to the challenge of sea and scene? How to embrace the view and the site restraints? Ask architects Tobias Partners or better still drink in the restrained beauty of their design, Deepwater House.

JD says:

Will be interesting to see how climate change affects these buildings…

Boy, that really is close to the water. I'm surprised they can build there, but I don't know the laws in Australia. The building is beautiful but stark enough that I wouldn't want a whole row of them. It's the kind of beauty that comes in part from being different–more stripped down than usual. The interiors are really pleasant.

Jared Hayden says:

On top of beating the northern Hemisphere at the cool design game, maybe the Aussies have mastered the trick of non-erodable foundations as well. Regardless, those lucky homeowners should enjoy the lower floors while they still can.

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