A classic six prewar apartment

Posted on Wed, 4 May 2016 by KiM

Emily C. Butler turns spaces into cozy, pretty hangouts you never want to leave. Like this ‘classic six‘ (new term to me) prewar apartment that’s all kinds of cute. And her bio cracked me up. Beginning my professional career in finance in Texas, I am grateful I have an excellent business foundation. However, more troubled by the folding of shelter design magazine Domino in 2009 than the greater economic crisis at hand, I knew it was time for a career transformation. 🙂

Photos: Nicole Cohen

ohHolland says:

Yes — not yet another derivative, sterile, "tasteful space" — a real home here. Cushy furnishings, blend of patterns and scrumptious colors are an emotional invitation to come in and stay.

kim says:

lovely space. i've been seeing that framed piece of art in the first picture for years (pink, with birds – over the sofa)….does anyone know what it is called or where to find it? i've always liked it. it pops up every few years and still looks great

loulou ste-adele says:

Lovely spaces and so livable. I think the pink image on the wall might be from Anthropologie. ?

Emily says:

Hi Kim and Lou Lou, it is Paule Marrot.
Thanks for your kind words.

ombia says:

Paule Marrot, Pink birds.

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