Friday calls for….

Posted on Fri, 6 May 2016 by KiM

….a Louis XV settee inspired by a Hermès box. I think I love it. 🙂 Via Nuevo Estilo, design by Mayte Baquedano

I see so many of these, in dubious condition and questionable taste. But redone like this, WOW!

Peggy says:

Um, I think I like it too. But I think it works because it's juxtsposed with modern minimalist pieces. I woild hate it in a fussy, cluttered space. And, BTW I adore that painting. You know I got large art on the brain because I still need to do a large piece for over my sofa.

KiM says:

@Peggy – why don't you print out one of the awesome photographs you've taken like how I did that one of the girl's face? It wasn't very expensive considering the size.

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