A masculine penthouse

Posted on Fri, 13 May 2016 by KiM

I am bringing the work week to a close with this beauty I found by interior designer Sayre Victoria Ziskin of SVZ. It has masculine vibe with blue and black accent colours and some hard edges and industrial furnishings, but then throw in an overly (in a good way) tufted velvety sofa and the vibe becomes just a bit more feminine and playful. Overall this home is cohesive and edgy and I love it – especially all the plants, my favourite addition to a room. And check out the amazing planter in the corner of the dining room! 

Sparky says:

I always seem to especially like the spaces that happened to be labeled "masculine", even though I'm a "girl". ;o)

Bagbone Leather Indonesia says:

O my God….designs so fantastic. It gave me some ideas for my gallery development.
Thank's a lot

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