A Victorian home with a dreamy kitchen

Posted on Sun, 15 May 2016 by KiM

I am totally in love with this kitchen I found in a British location home via Shoot Factory. Built in 1864 this Victorian regency house has beautiful architectural details of that period but this modern and minimalist wood kitchen is breathtaking. The juxtaposition of old and new here blends really well together. This glorious kitchen is by Blakes London

What’s up with those stools tho’?!?!?!

Meg says:

It's a lovely house, and I adore the wood panelling – but it can't be Regency if it was built in 1864 🙂

Annie says:

Love how they use the same wood on the wall and the cabinetry. Stunning.

AMR says:

Really lovely.
The polished floors and the room with high windows and crown moulding…sooo nice.
Re. the stools > my first thought was 'Oh, they're bee keepers…uh, wait a minute…'. 🙂

Nona says:

I assume some of those deep drawers in the counter by stove or in the island are refrigerated? Or maybe the trashcan stools are actually coolers?

Au33delarue says:

What a beautiful house and I really like the colors.

Kitchen manufacturers details – http://blakeslondon.com/house-of-grey/

Would appreciate credit being paid.

Please could you pay where due.

Love the blog.


AMR says:

To Jamie Blake,

I imagine it would be tough task for DTI to credit all work seen in photos…particularly when the source doesn't specify.
But that you stepped-up and gave the information: super. Amazing kitchen.

KiM says:

Thanks for clarifying Jamie. Credit has now been mentioned in my intro. (I should have known – your kitchens always blow me away)

Louisa grey says:

Thank you so much for the lovely blog post and write up. The cardboard stools for the kitchen where an in-between seating arrangement while the Carl Hansen chairs where being made. We where so excited with the design that we where slightly impatient to shoot it.

The photography is by Graham Atkinshughes http://www.grahamatkinshughes.com/

House of Grey have just finished shooting a new kitchen design soon to be launched.

Many thanks

Harry Wang says:

Those floors are horrible! Something out of Beetlejuice!

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