Glen Iris House

Posted on Thu, 26 May 2016 by KiM

This post is for the folks who have commented lately that we’ve been too many posting been-there-done-that, white houses lately. This house has accents of turquoise/mint green in almost every room and I absolutely love it. Fresh and fun and paired with some red and black it is HOT. Thank you Nest Architects for showing us how to do colour.

Max says:

I think this is a good example of why you dont leave the interior to an architect. I find this interior full of interesting ideas that are badly or soulessly executed.
This is a big problem in Australian design right now, soul-less interiors are being heralded as great design & architects are put on pedestals that they dont often deserve.

mbc says:

I agree with Max and add that I wish the landscape designers would use native plants that are local to the area in at least some parts of the garden to give it a sense of place.

Melanie says:

you won't get any complaints about all white houses from me. Palette and color choices in interiors in the form of textiles, art, and every other non-architectural interior elements are what defines to a large extent an individual, personal sensibility. When architecture incorporates bold use of color it limits and constrains every other interior choice and end up looking over-styled and programatic. It also ends up limiting all future choices which results in a static and contrived evolution over time.

Vivienne says:

I love that bathroom/dressing room area. I've been mulling over the banana leaf wallpaper for one of my bathrooms & this looks great. The outside looks unfinished to me and the metal fencing on the lefthand side looks fairly harsh.

Ruth says:

I find the interior to be wonderful: fun, inviting, yet calm and coherent. What's not warm about wood?? The fireplace room is perfect. The kitchen looks real to me, someone who actually cooks and entertains. The technical skill of architects to pull off a simple, modern house is often unsung in my opinion. Drapes and pillows and rugs do not entirely make a tasteful home.

ombia says:

@Melanie great comment. I could have not write it any better!

Again, like it button under each post would show how many people love black and white, hospital like homes. Me for example. After just couple of years they will be fed up with all that turquoise/

Teez says:

Max, interesting comment. Which parts do you think are badly or soulessly executed? I'm working with an architect for structure as well as interior, so would like to know what to watch out for! Thanks.

Melanie says:

please don't get me wrong! I am not making a case against architects! I was making an observation about architectural/structural elements that are so strong they define and limit many other subsequent and future choices. I wouldn't dream on building a new house, adding on to an existing or renovating without the guidance of an architect.

I am certain that the choices made by Nest Architects were made with the input of their client and reflect the sensibility of the owner. Architectural practice is always a collaboration between the architect and the client.

And besides all that I was making a statement about my personal preferences and my personal response to the project.

So Teez, the only thing to look out for is to find an architect that you feel like "gets" you and has a portfolio that demonstrates a sensibility that works with yours. A good architects listens to his client. If you don't feel like you can establish a rapport, find another architect.

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