A mix of classic and modern (and plants!) in Stockholm

Posted on Fri, 27 May 2016 by KiM

This is what happens when I try to delay starting the painting of 22 door panels (the last of the mahogany crap varnish) – I decide blog research is more important and I come across this absolute beauty of an apartment in for sale in Östermalm, Stockholm via Lagerlings. 247m² of classic and modern goodness with a plethora of plants as the icing on the cake. This home speaks to me on so many levels. I am in love and going to dream about this all weekend (while I melt – Ottawa is supposed to be around 40C! Jo isn’t the only one experiencing abnormally high temperatures.)

Jared Hayden says:

Finally, a Scandinavian home that looks like it's inhabited by a real person, not a prop stylist.

Axie says:

I really like this, especially the living room/library. It's warm and I agree, it looks like real people live there. Now that alien looking clutch of eggs in front of the fireplace.. a light maybe?

loulou ste-adele says:

Gorgeous. Very well designed and so livable. And it has character.

Peggy says:

I need a Finn Juhl sofa. Also check the hanging lamp in the sitting room (13th pic down). I need that too! Anyone know the designer of that fab lamp? Maybe custom?

Maggie says:

The light fixture in the 14th picture down is so refreshing and unique. It reminds me of pendant mobiles by Lee Bontecou.

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