A traditional green, marble and brass kitchen

Posted on Tue, 14 Jun 2016 by KiM

I found this deVOL kitchen the other day on JJ Locations and I was completely shocked to discover how much I really REALLY love it. It could be because living in a traditional home for a couple of years now is rubbing off on me, or the fact that my kitchen can barely fit 2 people standing in it so anything roomy makes me envious. This kitchen is situated in a 1846 Victorian in London, and while I would consider changing a couple of things (that sofa in the corner isn’t working – I love the idea of a settee just not that one, the table is missing a bench and I would paint out the inside of that hutch black and fill it with white dishes), this is the best take on a traditional kitchen I think I have ever seen. I don’t even really like green and I love this. Crazy! 

Suzanne Melton says:

My thoughts as soon as I saw dark walls and brass fittings: "I bet Kim LOVES this!"

Kelly says:

Beautiful! Love the shelf that runs along the wall with the brass fittings and propped paintings.

axie says:

I would change the same things, Kim. I also really like the shelving with art- living in earthquake country, I always cringe at breakables on open shelves. Not to mention the dusting..

Au33delarue says:

I'm in love!

Neeraj says:

The white marble used in this kitchen is expensive. This is a great taste for traditional kitchen.

David says:

what a wonderful kitchen, i love the contrast between the green cabinets with the top and splashback in White marble. Think that marble looks like an italian quality marble called Calacatta, stunning.

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