Elsternwick Residence

Posted on Thu, 16 Jun 2016 by KiM

In this home renovation by Australian architecture firm Flack Studio, some original history is maintained while updating with some modern touches. And I love it. And the crazy stair carpet is explained: The charm of this house lies in its exceptionally cool architectural heritage. As a late 1960s build by Holgar + Holgar, nothing short of a contemporary redux of 1970s interior style would do it justice. Boldly black angular lines in the staircase and window frames juxtapose brilliantly against the original luxuriant curves of the building. Ultra slick, tightly grid-patterned bathroom tiling is a confident nod to the modernists’ geometric interests, while the original tiger print wool carpeting remains an incredible focal point of a modern family home that celebrates its pimping pad origins. (Photography: Brooke Holm, Art Direction: Marsha Golemac)

axie says:

The stair story is great! I love the kitchen- sleek and simple. I assume no one lives in it presently.. too immaculate!

Melanie says:

Umm. Is it just me or does some of the art look photo-shopped in? The 2nd and the 5th photo? Someone tell me if I am wrong.

Max says:

Personally I feel the true talent of flack studio is the PR it generates about itself. The work is soulless.

Alexander B says:

can I use one of your images and share the source? thank you!

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