THAT House

Posted on Tue, 21 Jun 2016 by KiM

WOW! Do I ever love THAT house! :)Which house? THAT House by Austin Maynard Architects. The site is neighboured by huge houses. We were asked to provide the family with ‘just the right amount of space’. By creating large openings and generous connections to the garden we aimed to make this modest-sized home feel abundant and broad. The result is a home that is almost half the size of its neighbours without compromising liveability. (Lets be clear, THAT House is not a small home). The owners of THAT House are keen to able to open up to the community rather than permanently hiding or fortifying themselves. We have installed upwards blinds to give the owners control over their level of privacy. The ground floor of THAT House is ostensibly open, however the arrangement of spaces allows the owners to be together, or secluded, or any level of engagement in between.

jari becker says:

wow such an awesome house with all facilities
great design

tisha says:

wowwww!!! super creative! small but very neat!!! no clutter!! loveeee

ombia says:

So you come out naked after the shower and stand in the living room in front of the parked car? Such a pitty for this otherwise nice home. Or some random dude.
I do love backyard. And colour sheme and kitchen. And would put a fence upstaris before a kid takes place up there.

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