Stalking a House for a Painter

Posted on Wed, 6 Jul 2016 by midcenturyjo

It’s not healthy for me to stalk the properties for sale on The Modern House. Not healthy at all. You see I get jealous very easily. Take for example this House for a Painter by Dingle Price in London. It really should be a House for Jo. Don’t you agree? A former Victorian dairy now a home and studio. It’s just what I never knew I really, really wanted.

Beth says:

I'll fight you for it, Jo!

This is absolutely stunning. The use of white with colourful furniture and accessories is very beautiful and modern.

Kiki says:

I think it should be a House for Kiki 😉

axie says:

I'm amazed at the difference between outside and inside- I would never have expected that modern interior looking at that brick exterior! And great art. I'm just hoping there will be enough rooms for us all.. : )

Anthony says:


Attentive Painting and Decorating Pty Ltd says:

The interior of the house look amazing, I really like the kitchen and kids room. It's unique and beautiful.

Barry Holand says:

Some times it is difficult to maintain this color but the way you handle things is really brilliant.

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