A converted barn

Posted on Thu, 7 Jul 2016 by midcenturyjo

Rustic meets luxury in the Victorian country in this barn conversion by Built by Wilson. Corrugated iron, old timbers and stone softened by leather and wool. Iconic materials and attention to detail breathe new life into what was once a working farm building now the perfect space to gather, celebrate or relax in style.

Photography by Nikole Ramsay

Why are some of the most stunning homes conversions from something else? Factories, barns, churches….
I am not sure about corrugated iron on the interior. Maybe because when I was a volunteer in Africa, I lived in a shack made of corrugated iron sheets–walls, roof, the whole thing. It got very hot during the day. Is this place insulated?
Sorry, but I always let practicality intrude! The best solutions are beautiful and practical simultaneously.

JANICE says:

LOVE this! What a great gathering space!! A few adjustments and it would be a lovely home too. 🙂 Socking away this post for home ideas later! 🙂

Rosee says:

I agree with you, Taste of France

ombia says:

Such a magic place! So much character.
I do wonder abouth the isolation and practical side of the iron walls.

Carole says:

I would take this in a corrugated minute!

Ray says:

Where is this beautiful place? is it available to rent for weddings?

Sherry says:

OMGOSH I've dreamed of living in a converted barn. Beautiful

kerry cale says:

FYI, this is VIctoria, Australia if the home is located where the builder is…

Kimberly says:

The temperatures range from 50-70 F. Hence, there seems to be no insulation.

Earlene Forsythe says:

Great design!
What is the name of the stone on the fireplace?

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