Posted on Sun, 10 Jul 2016 by KiM

Interior designer Dirk Jan Kinet does not fill his spaces with Ikea, does not karate chop his pillows, does not douse everything in white nor does he place a fiddle leaf fig in every bright corner. What he does do is the unexpected. In every corner. Literally – check out the dining room photo. This Madrid home is trend-less and I love it for its randomness. Via Nuevo Estilo

KRShannon says:

A charming flat indeed. Ironic (?) that you say he doesn't shop at IKEA – that breakfast table is the oft-used Saarinen wannabe from none other than IKEA.

KiM says:

My bad you are correct. That table was the best thing Ikea ever did.

Donald says:

I'm pretty sure that throw on the bed is IKEA as well. I've got the same one.

Jared Hayden says:

Exceptional decor. A small-scale space that manages to make a BIG style statement. I applaud every choice.

loulou ste-adele says:

Awesome. I will scrutinize each image to learn how it is achieved so exquisitely.THIS is Design to Inspire…..

Moyra says:

I love the silent guest at every meal overseeing (?) the goings on! Just think how you could use him to frighten the children if they didn't behave at the table! What fun I could have had when my tribe were growing up…

Vorzimmer planen says:

Really charming, the interior design fits wonderful with the style of the flat.

Hi! Thanks for posting my apartment in your beautiful blog, what an honour! Dirk just sent me the link, what a lovely surprise!

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