An apartment by Make Sense Studio

Posted on Mon, 11 Jul 2016 by KiM

I am featuring this apartment in Madrid because it is fantastically eclectic, and because OMG WILL YOU LOOK AT THAT PINK SOFA!!!!! I thought I was through with liking anything pink but oh dear gawd this sofa is just the yummiest thing I have ever seen. Kudos to Make Sense Studio for creating a beautiful living room with my new favourite sofa, and the rest of the apartment is pretty awesome too. As featured in Nuevo Estilo

Magda says:

Beautiful interior. Love pink sofa as well, it's not overwhelming the space, but spice it up:)

Peggy says:

You are so right! That pink sofa is divine. Oh – and you can never get enough pink. 😉 I adore their collection of art glass as well.

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