Winifred Crescent House

Posted on Thu, 14 Jul 2016 by KiM

Another doozy by Sisällä but this one is darker and has a more sophisticated vibe. The kitchen is a total dream. I have always loved the idea of having windows as a backsplash and am currently trying to convince one of my sisters to plan for this when she renovates her kitchen. Hoping these photos will convince her. 🙂 The interiors for this new house were designed to balance a contemporary minimal house with a welcoming ambience. The interiors have a timeless aesthetic; the richly textured travertine stone combined with dark timber and elegant black steel details creates visual interest. The final layering of furniture, lighting and décor have been selected to enhance the interior architecture. (Photos: Tess Kelly)

axie says:

Oh, oh, oh! Gorgeous! I have windows as a backsplash, and never have a problem keeping it clean except at the sink. I see this one has the sink in an island- brilliant.

Blanders says:

"The interiors have a timeless aesthetic"

Ha ha; literally my first thought on seeing that first picture was, "Ooh, that'll date quickly."

ombia says:

Window as a backsplash is great, unless you have a sink there! Then you need a servat to keep it clean every single day, five times a day. But it das look so nice.

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