A serene exuberance

Posted on Thu, 25 Aug 2016 by midcenturyjo

There is an exuberance, a riot of colour, pattern and texture that defines Los Angeles based interior designer Betsy Burnham’s work. In this house though, dark wood and black framed steel and glass windows and doors anchor an uncharacteristic neutral palette. Colour is expressed subtly in public areas while in the private bedroom and bathroom areas it makes a playful return. An eclectic style is perhaps best described as Rajasthan meets Myanmar meets Moroccan and Spanish Mission. An exotic yet elegant and serene house. Mt. Olympus by Burnham Design.

axie says:

Elegant without the usual LA glitz and glam. Love the view in the last photo

Moyra says:

I found something I don't like about this property. Weekend guests would still be there by the following Thursday…

Teez says:

Gasp! Such beauty and expert mixing.

Melanie says:

Wow!!! Amazing palette!!!

Novi says:

I want!

Chris says:

Absolutely awesome! Betsy has her editing dial on the perfect setting.

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