Parisian love affair

Posted on Tue, 30 Aug 2016 by midcenturyjo

Yes my love affair continues. Just one more apartment by Emma Donnersberg Interiors. Oh so chic, so elegant with a wonderful collection of global artifacts including three Tiwi Island burial poles. Such an amazing collection my eyes can’t settle. They are flitting from treasure to teasure.

emmi says:

Personally, while the style is beautiful, and I adore your site, I find using grave goods as decorative items inappropriate. If these items are linked to the family, in whose home they reside, then they are theirs, to display as they wish. But to take artifacts that rightfully belong to indigenous peoples, and use them as decor will never be right in my book.

Alistair says:

These will not be actual burial poles Emmi. It is an art style that the island's indigenous artists have used commercially for many years. Real poles used to mark graves remain on the island as they should.

Moyra says:

Quality, every where you look. Does anyone know where you can buy shelves like those in the first photo,.please?

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