Bachelor Pad on a budget

Posted on Fri, 23 Sep 2016 by midcenturyjo

Definitely no man-cave, this bachelor pad in New York City’s West Village is the latest project from Décor Aid. The soft grey walls accentuate the light while glass panels in the doors between bedroom and living area increase the sense of space in the small apartment. Light, bright and welcoming. The perfect space to kick back and relax or entertain your friends.

Blanders says:

I'd appreciate this apartment more if it weren't haunted.

When you look through the glass doors in the first picture, there's a white console table with chrome legs, with a black and white print and a bicycle hanging over it… but walk into the bedroom and they all vanish!

Rattled, you return to the living room, only to discover that the three metal orbs on the table have transformed into a stack of coffee table books. And in the final picture… the flowers from the bedroom have followed you out here! Aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

But hey, an address in the West Village is worth a poltergeist or two. Especially if it seems to have decent taste.

M Buxton says:

Ha! Love the haunted comment. Your comment made me realize too that the metal rings switch between windows, and the floor lamp and the plant move around. Something is definitely up. But yes, not a bad space.

The Real Designer says:

My work looks great here, thanks for publishing it!

Desire to Inspire says:

Hi "The Real Designer" 🙂 All information including photos and the link were sent to us from a PR firm. We would love to set things right if we have been told the wrong thing. You can contact us using our contact tab above. – Jo

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