Lavishly French

Posted on Wed, 28 Sep 2016 by KiM

Essentially the opposite of my last post which was modern and minimalist, this home is about as grand, lavish and French as it gets! The French Rooms is available as a location space through and is two┬árooms occupying the reception floor of an imposing Victorian villa. Furnished with the finest French antiques, opulent fabrics and exquisite treasures, it’s not exactly decor I would want to live with 24/7 but I sure would love a weekend visit – without the herd of cats!

Very pretty but so many questions! If there is a dining room, is there a kitchen? If it's just two rooms, does that mean the kitchen is in a corner? I didn't find photos. Nor of the bathroom.
And the bed: most antique beds are 140 cm wide max; this looks like it's that narrow. Is that the case, or is it not an antique?
Despite the molding and details that seem old and cool, the ceilings seem very low and the windows very big for the Victorian era (though that fireplace does fit). Is it in an old building or a modern one made to seem old?

KiM says:

Sorry TOF but all the info on the property from the site is included in my intro. C'est tout.

Keep it simples says:

Too heavy.
No, thanks.

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