Colour spin

Posted on Tue, 11 Oct 2016 by midcenturyjo

Just when I thought that the simple life was for me along comes a big, bold kaleidoscope of colour and pattern and puts me in a spin. A riot of references from Hollywood Regency to old world Europe to sleek moderne with colour splashes more Gaudí than gaudy. A seriously sexy inner Sydney apartment by POCO Designs.

Anton says:

I can't believe they have a child in that place. After the photo shoot all those vases on plinths would have come down and the coral put away. I wouldn't even trust my teenagers in there. Fabulous house child hazards aside.

Scott says:


Christina says:

Kids can learn what they should and should not touch and homes evolve as children grow up. Lovely space! And the hot air balloon wallpaper is terrific!

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