Earthy greens and yellows

Posted on Sun, 23 Oct 2016 by KiM

I have never wanted to experiment with earthy, chalky colours like olives and mustards….until now. Lawd half mursey this home is absolutely stunning! The combination of these shades on the walls, and an eclectic mix of bold graphic art, rustic wood furnishings and modern lighting has me falling completely in love with this British location home via jj Locations

Jared Hayden says:

Gorgeous! I love every single choice. The chandelier in that huge fireplace is awesome.

d of dogland says:

When I see earthy interiors and exteriors that don't appear at odds with or aren't fighting the natural surroundings screaming to be noticed, I exhale. I sigh in relief and sense my blood pressure lowering. I can breathe. I know I'm not alone in that.

axie says:

Excellent! I love all the greens and yellows- the olive on the wall is exactly my color.

xavier says:

Interesting house

Christine says:

Expertly executed. The antithesis of what I think I love. Proven wrong again. I think this story is fantastic.

Elisabeth says:

Are you sure it is Btitish? The house seems Dutch to me…..

Beautiful !

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