Spaces of note by Luigi Rosselli

Posted on Tue, 25 Oct 2016 by KiM

EPIC BATHROOM!!! I want to stare at this the rest of the day.

This marble is unbelievably beautiful. And with a thin profile it could not be more perfect in this kitchen. 

There is nothing fancy about this dining room but the combo of the Thonet chairs, pale yellow walls, and light fixture are simply yummy, and then you look up and BAM!

These chunky stairs. That glass framed wall. The tumbling block tile. YES YES YES. 

If I ever decide I want a graphic backsplash, THIS IS IT. 

Those chairs make me itch, but other than that this little reading area is fabulous. 

Those mirrors with the faucets mounted on them are SO GREAT!

Staircase views to die for.

I’ve never wanted to play the piano….until now. That light fixture is UN FREAKING REAL!!!!! Seriously I would trade that for my current one in a heartbeat. 

ALL THE WINE. I usually hate wine storage spaces but this is classy. 

Hats off to Luigi Rosselli for these memorable spaces. And if you can’t get enough there is more here, here and here

Guada says:

Epic post!!!! That bathroom o_o!!

greta says:

Simply amazing!! I love everything, but the first bathroom picture is mesmerizing, and so are the stairs.

The gorgeous bones of the place are played up to perfection.

Lucie says:

Really inspiring, especially the first bathroom.

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