Another fabulous Victorian home in London

Posted on Sun, 6 Nov 2016 by KiM

This house is a total dream!!! OMG! A living room with the most beautiful dark walls (and that mirror! that chandelier!), a new spacious kitchen, a rustic boho dining room (with THREE vintage chandeliers!!! and exposed brick!), original/reclaimed wood walls, white painted wood floors, a Victorian ‘decaying’ bedroom, gorgeous tile in the bathroom… this is eclectic style that cannot be beat. LOVE!!! Via Shoot Factory

xavier says:

Love the fireplace with the fabulous golden mirror!

OMG that mirror!!!
The unfinished plaster is interesting, too.
And those chandeliers! I hope those are LED bulbs because otherwise they must have a huge light bill.

Melanie V says:

I loved the rich, dark walls and the rich dark couch that seemed to meld with the walls that seemed to make the room seem slightly bigger. The unfinished plaster, which I normally love in other homes, made me think that there may be a water leak they were artfully hiding. Loved the bright colors on the beds and that kid's playroom bookshelf gave me serious bookshelf envy.

ombia says:

That dining space and chandeliers screem for a table bigger then this one.

Clayton Gray Home says:

Love the paint color in the kitchen! Inspired by the minimalism and the way the neon signs plays off of simplicity. So great!

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