Hackett Holland and responsive architecture

Posted on Thu, 10 Nov 2016 by KiM

I absolutely adore these spaces, and love the philosophy of architecture firm Hacket Holland (based in Notting Hill, London). Our approach is not dogmatic but responsive. We hope our buildings have ‘good manners’ in relation to their neighbours and natural setting. We reject the fashionable late 20th Century notion of Architecture as ‘objects in space’. We believe that in the future successful Architecture will be defined as that which responds to its immediate surroundings and to the wider environment in a meaningful way. Our aim is to create forms and spaces that are beautifully proportioned, considered, responsive, functional, practical and formed using good quality sustainable materials. We believe that this approach is truly modern – in the best sense – and that as the absolute necessity for sustainability becomes recognised on a global level, so ‘industrial’ modernism and current vacuous architectural fashions will become redundant.

Betty says:

Well done for coordinating the bed linen with the cat.

xavier says:

Love the fireplace

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