Pastel colours in a Swedish apartment

Posted on Fri, 11 Nov 2016 by KiM

If I ever had any doubts about using pastels in a home, they have all been washed away. I had to share this home in Stockholm because I am going to dream about it allllllll day. And all weekend. So damn pretty!!! Via Bo Bedre, photos: Jonas Interstedt.

xavier says:

I'm blown away by the green fireplace

Carol in Denver says:

Refreshing to see such generous use of lovely colors.

atma says:

Oh, this is gorgeous! Gorgeous!Any chance you've got a room left in your house to paint mint green, Kim?

Moyra says:

Utterly gorgeous. Not only have they chosen dreamy, sweet colours for their home, their belongings are delectable! I especially love the trolley laden with crystal decanters; the poster in the hallway that lists all my favourite musicians; the squishy grey leather sofa; every inch of the dining room and the kitchen…

NotMadeInChina Finds says:

That green fireplace is awesome just love it.

LOVE LOVE the chairs, sofa everything nothing I would change.

msd0fb says:

EXACTLY !!!!!!!!!!!

Michelle says:

Beautiful! I am often inspired by pastel shades used in the Swedish ways. In fact I have picked out wall colors that are often used: light blue, light green, grays, and even a greenish-gray!

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