The bold Miami home of an art collector

Posted on Tue, 28 Mar 2017 by KiM

What can I say about this Miami house other than OMG this is NUTS and the homeowner’s love of art is quite…unusual. This is about as colourful and wacky as it gets. Designed by Frank de Biasi

Donna says:

Love it. If they ever plan to have a garage sale, I want to know!

Kay | KLANGWELT says:

So stunning! I really love the all marble room.

Christina says:

very cozy she says sarcastically. Too much money not enough taste.

axie says:

Barbie's Dream House!

Shelley says:

Completely defines Miami's over-the-top mindset. I do think the design of the home itself is very nice. The interior design is something else. It's design to impress other people.

Annie says:

Sometimes less is more. Maybe if you are physically in it it would seem quite different.

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