The Boho Chic Bedroom: Working from the Floor Up

Posted on Tue, 30 May 2017 by KiM

How does your bedroom make you feel? It seems more often than not that after we’ve decorated every other room in the house, we get to the bedroom, raise our shoulders and just go: “eh.”

The bedroom is the first and last place we see every day. Why are we arranging and putting our most loved possessions on display in our home’s public spaces (such as the living room and dining room) but not in our private, more intimate interiors?

It doesn’t really make any sense, does it?

Every room in the house should reflect our passions and inspire our creative thinking—shouldn’t the bedroom be the first place we start? The bedroom is where we share in rest, intimacy and even decadence; therefore, it ought to be designed in such a way as to help us fully express who we are.

If you’re an imaginative free-spirit who loves adventure and is excited by color, movement and the play of light, a Boho chic bedroom design will help you to release yourself to experience, not hold yourself back from it.

Here are four ways to craft a Boho bedroom style from the floor up!

Start with the skeleton
Achieving the Boho chic-styled look takes more than laying down an Aztec rug and lighting incense. Boho chic style is a lifestyle, not a movement. If you want your bedroom space to reflect your care-free attitude and eclectic manner, you need to (and this’ll seem antithetical to your gypsy ways) start with the basics: your furnishings.

If you want your bedroom to be a den of color, life and passion, you’ll need to start with simple, modern bedroom furniture that doesn’t distract from the feeling of the room. The bedframe should be angular and made with clean lines. A frame like the Vintage Bed designed by IonDesign keeps you up off the ground but won’t distract from the space’s art and textiles. Your furniture pieces should frame the space, not distract from it.

Even something as simple and modern as a box bed frame (made by you!) can work to your room’s full advantage.

Take a look at Brit + Co.’s low slung bed. It looks like the bed melts into the beautiful textiles and greenery of the space.

By melting into the cozy textiles and colors of space, you can envelop yourself in the experience of it and completely unplug from the outside world.

Up Next: Window Treatments
Before moving on to bringing in the throws, rugs and tapestries, you’ll need to dress your windows: the plastic blinds you pull down after the sun sets won’t cut it.

Check out the window treatment (seen below) featured on the Bohemian Collective’s Nest Blog.

The window itself features a large dream catcher complemented by heavy, belted teal drapes. The materials used in the dream catcher and the belts are natural, made either of hemp or leather. The rounded shape of the dream catcher and the strong color of the drapes is echoed throughout the room; we can see it in the plants, textiles and other furnishings.

When you start planning your room with the basics of simple modern furniture and window curtains, you can bring in your personal touches and turn the space into a place that is the physical embodiment of your free-wheelin’ spirit.

A Colorful Flourish
When you wake up in the mornings, you’ll want the first thing your feet touch to be soft. A textile rug will temper the hard flooring and bring a sense of delicacy and vitality to your bedroom space. Interior design blog Houzz
tells design ingénues that they should “be adventurous with textures and patterns.” Waking up and going down to sleep in a space that is warm, colorful and playful will keep you feeling good and happy. A rug with a zig-zag pattern or antique floral motif will put you in the mood to relax and help you check out for the night. If you’re wanting to work, that same rug can inspire your next email quip or watercolor postcard.

Look at what Loom and Kiln did to this bedroom space. With walls decked out in white, the textiles take center stage.

The modern bedroom furniture is made strong by the artistry of the rug and textile pillows propped on the bed. The blush pink poof on the floor helps the eye to travel to the blush pink throw blanket slung over the slanted ladder. The entire space is brought together by using just a few complementary elements.

As you can see, dressing up your room in the Boho chic fashion only takes a few well-placed items. It’s time to get your groove on!

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