A house by Hoyt

Posted on Fri, 30 Jun 2017 by midcenturyjo

From the exterior it is almost austere. Simple lines, almost like a child’s drawing of a house. Nothing extraneous. Inside, though, the simple clean lines of concrete, steel and glass are softened by layers of wood and textiles. What seems disciplined, almost spartan on the outside is a warm family home inside. House I in Amsterdam North by Hoyt

Italo says:

It is 2017 and people still use animal carpets…

Anke says:

And what on earth is going on in the interior design scene that every hip gaff no matter where on the planet needs to have a dead zebra lying around on the ground? Bizarre, scary, don't like it at all…

Sparky says:

Number three zebra rug comment here: Sad and it looks like the poor animal fell from the second story mezzanine and splattered himself on the concrete floor!

axie says:

kudos to Sparky for the best anti-animal rug comment ever.. I'm no fan of them either.
As for the rest of the home, beautiful. I especially love the filtered light. And I think even though it's a new build, it fits in well with the older homes nearby.

Annie says:

Love it – except for the flattened zebra on the floor.

Sam says:

Hi, I really liked your post. Its amazing and informative. Please keep posting.

framaroot apk says:

wow nice designs and i like these type of design most of the time. thank you for posting.

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