Stalking a home in Toronto

Posted on Wed, 26 Jul 2017 by KiM

Thanks to Lorena for sending us this link to quite a spectacular home currently for sale in Toronto. For those that don’t know alot about real estate in this city…it is very pricey (maybe not New York prices but they are among the highest in Canada, beat only by Vancouver). This 3 bedroom, 4 bathroom, 20ft wide row house (you only get the middle – this home is actually 3 units) has views of a big, ugly apartment building at the front AND at the back, and is almost 4 million. WHOA. But the architecture and attention to detail throughout are fabulous and the homeowners have quite a unique art collection. And I am swooning over the flooring throughout most of the home. AND the fact that there’s a fireplace in the foyer. 

Matt says:

Very interesting because this piece of property is probably owned by Bonnie Brooks (VP at Hudson Bay Co) since the exact pieces of furniture were showcase in the Canadian House and Home Magazine (August 2013 vol 35 no 8). Have a look and compare how two different settings can have such a strong influence on how we experience the overall flow of a house.

Very nice and thanks for sharing!

K-Line says:

I live in a 15 ft wide row house in Toronto (not so far from this, if it's where I think it is) – currently being renoed within an inch of its life after living there for 18 years. Gotta say, this looks tremendously wide compared with mine – both inside and out. For sure, this is much bigger than mine (prob goes further back because it's not taller). I'm not surprised by the price (TO prices are now higher than Vancouver, if I'm not mistaken.) but I do think it's sad when your 4M place backs onto a high-rise (and not a nice one). Not that my view is any better!

KiM says:

@Matt – I've got to look that up!
@K-line – Lorena said this is St. Clair and Yonge area. And I would imagine these photos were taken with an awesome wide angle lens. One of the pics showed the front balcony and a similar ugly-ass apartment is right out front too! Not sure I'd ever dream of forking over $4M to have that view.

Lyn says:

Lovely house. Killer art!!

Annymous says:

Anyone know the artist of the two painting with the asian heads with 1 red lip??

Lulu says:

I agree about the views… yuck! Yuck to the artwork also, but I love everything else.

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