Stalking straight lines and curves

Posted on Thu, 24 Aug 2017 by midcenturyjo

I’m stalking curved concrete and cedar panelling in the Sydney suburb of Rozelle. A strikingly modern home with seamless flow from inside to out through opening walls of glass. Cool minimalist nestled in suburban greenery. Link here while it lasts.

wwax says:

I've love the house and have always wanted one like it but I have a practical question. I lived in Australia for years, you leave a door open you get a house full of flies. How the heck do people with houses like this handle the fly problem?

Anne says:

Flies – I live nearby and we do not have many flies, mosquitos yes, but if you have a through breeze this seems to disperse insects. This means leaving lots of windows and doors open.

Blanders says:

wwax, I use my ducted aircon to blow air out of the open doors, shoving the flies away.

Also there just aren't as many flies around any more, especially in tony suburbs like Rozelle where breeding grounds for flies like garbage or dead animals aren't tolerated.

axie says:

Flies? I thought it was snakes that was the big fear down under!? Or maybe that is just me.. Love the architecture of this home

Åsa, Gothenburg says:

Wonderful house! I´m not sure I remember correctly but has this house not been on the show "Grand designs"?

Alex says:

I also am perplexed by such open houses and the prospect of things getting in. Living in the Midwestern US, in a closed living space I have no shortage of spiders indoors. Outside, there's a myriad of moths, mosquitoes, earwigs, beetles, rodents, birds, bats, stray cats, flora, and probably random people that would easily wander inside the property…

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