Studio Gild

Posted on Fri, 1 Sep 2017 by KiM

Studio Gild is a Chicago-based interior design firm co-founded by Melissa Benham, Jennie Bishop and Kristen Ekeland – a trio of women who are insanely talented. I pulled a random assortment of spaces from their portfolio and they all have a few things in common. They are sophisticated, unique, and dramatic. And I love it all!

Jill Catrinel says:

These designs are beautiful. I especially love how cohesive the mirrors are with their spaces. That's an amazing talent. Great find and thanks for sharing!

xavier says:

Beautiful home decoration

Anke says:

A lot of Rorschach tests going on there.

msd0fb says:

Plesassssse Kim. Can you source the wallpaper in pic #9. I'm in love!!!!!

Jonas says:

Lots of these wall coverings are by Porter Teleo, since some of you were interested.

Cabinet Hardware says:

Wow! It is looking so beautiful and the decoration is fantastic. Thanks for sharing this beautiful blog with us.

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