Miele’s first bagless vacuum

Posted on Wed, 27 Sep 2017 by KiM

If a trip to Germany to witness the launch of Miele’s Dialog oven wasn’t enough of a sweet deal, then a brand new vacuum soon to be launched in Canada is the icing on the cake! As an owner of many shedding cats, vacuums are essential items in my life that help maintain my sanity, so getting my hands on Miele‘s first ever bagless vacuum was very exciting! The Blizzard CX1 is launching in Canada in a couple of days (the first country in North America) so I thought I would share a little sneak peek with you.

That’s Felix enjoying it in the box before I unpackaged it. Already the cats approve. 

The black model is the Hardfloor model, which is what I received. There is a red model that is Cat & Dog, which unfortunately I did not receive (given the amount of cats I have) but the Hardfloor is also perfect for me in that I have hardwood throughout my house. Then there’s a blue model that is the TotalCare. 

This is a good looking vacuum, as far as vacuums go. 

This is where the magic happens. Super handy that the nozzle attachments are right there underneath where the container is so they’re not in the way. (The one on the left is for crevices and the one on the right is for upholstery. I’ll use that one A LOT).
Some fun facts about this vacuum:
It is very quiet compared to most vacuums thanks to its Vortex technology (a single, large cyclone). My cats appreciate this. 
It has a three-stage filtration system, ensuring the user doesn’t come into contact with dirt when emptying the container or cleaning the filter. Coarse particles are separated from fine dust, and the dust ends up in the dust filter (which is easily removed and cleaned once or twice a year). Then there’s a HEPA filter that collects the smallest particles and allergens.
It has 4 power settings so you can tell it whether you are dusting off your curtains or cleaning hardwood or a rug. 

You all have seen a vacuum in action so I didn’t put together a video of me vacumming, plus, I would have had to make myself look presentable, so instead I thought I would show you my reality.  

This is the typical state of my gorgeous Moooi rug. I have 2 jobs and alot of cats so this is my reality. Plus, I wanted to give this vacuum a run for its money so I let this go longer than normal. And after cleaning this rug, I have to say that I am soooo stoked to use this vacuum on a regular basis throughout my house. Check out the after…

BOOM! It worked so well 3 days later as I write this post the rug still looks spotless. 

The proof is in the container. This is from ONE RUG. Dear gawd. It’s no wonder I don’t wear black around the house. 

See that little yellow thing on the container? You push that release mechanism over your garbage can and POOF the dirt is all gone. This vacuum is my new best friend. I think it needs a name. Maybe Vivian. Thank you Miele so much for this gift. I will surely treasure it for the next 20 years. 

Alexandra says:

OMG. That thing worked BRILLIANTLY on your beautiful rug! 😀

wwax says:

As someone who hates bagged vacs with a passion it's about time they've only been in business since 1899, Miele definitely don't rush in the changes.

KiM says:

@wwax – I get the sense that the way Miele works is they let all the other companies put out mediocre products, then they do tons of R&D based on the sub-standard performance of those products and launch their own superior version. 🙂

@Alexandra – it sure did!!!!

ombia says:

@wwax – well, Miele is innovative BUT Miele represents their products first in Europe. This product above is in Shops in Europe for some time already. I have similar vacuum and love to see all the dirt and cat hair I collect.

Holland says:

I have a Miele canister — not one of such a splendidly new and high level as this — but a fabulous powerhouse nonetheless. I owned the Dyson "animal" canister version — which went kaput right after the warranty expired — and its vacuuming chops don't begin to compare with my Miele.

KiM says:

@ombia – yes, they typically launch in Europe first…i think the point was bagless has been around for many years.
@Holland – I have 2 dysons and they've held up well over the years especially given the amount of fur they deal with. But I'm happy to switch over to Miele and see how it compares. I do love that they give it a 20 year life span. That's impressive.

Ben says:

Happy to hear that you like your new vacuum, but this is a paid endorsement and should have been more clearly labelled as such.

KiM says:

@Ben – actually it is not. Miele did not pay me anything. They didn't even ask me to blog the vacuum. We'll label our posts as we see fit. The title should be enough for you to decide if you want to read it or not. 🙂

Ben says:

@KiM – in your post, you mention it was a gift from Miele. I took this to mean that you got it for free, which I would consider a sort of payment. If that is the case, I find it somewhat disingenuous to mention this only in passing in the penultimate sentence. In my view, it would have been better to disclose this earlier and more prominently.

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