Fun colours in an apartment in Milan

Posted on Fri, 24 Nov 2017 by KiM

A huge thanks to Edward for sending us a link that led us to Italian architecture and design firm Marcante – Testa (formerly UdA that I was a huge fan of and featured several projects here). They kindly sent over photos of all of their residential projects and OH LA LA!!! Lots of good stuff but this 150 m2 apartment in Milan might be my favourite. In love with the unique paint combinations, the flooring (including the painted detail) and the fun wallpapers. LE TEMPS RETROUVÉ: The visual relationship with nature was the guiding motivation behind the choice of this place on the part of the client. Materials like wicker, Vienna straw and linen that form seats, accessorized dividers, wardrobe doors, the fake marble laminate of the kitchen table, the wicker headboards of the beds, join forces to stimulate memories of spaces, perhaps experienced in a “grandmother’s house”, reinterpreted here and rendered functional for contemporary needs. A “light” project made of decoration and furnishings (vintage and custom) for a house to make on a tight schedule and a suitable budget for a rental, where the architectural structure of the building has not been altered, though its spatial perception has been improved. The view of the spaces changes and varies depending on the chromatic contrasts on the walls, using resin for the floors that partially covers the wood to become a “carpet” to mark the position of the table and its chairs. Sourcing details are here. Photos: Carola Ripamonti

Samantha PAge says:

Ow nice color! and really nice decoration!

Arenaria@FantasticHandyman says:

I'm not typically a fan of this colour scheme, but I must say in this particular case it works quite well. Excellent job!

Ethan Jackson says:

Thank you for sharing and inspires

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