Bondi beauty

Posted on Wed, 24 Jan 2018 by midcenturyjo

Beautiful muted tones with accents of bronze. The luxury of a simple, elegant, pared back. Good design doesn’t need to be out there and big, big, big. Good design is about making a positive (and stylish) impact on how a client lives. It’s obvious that Decus Interiors have created an exquisite and carefully crafted home in Sydney’s North Bondi.

Photography Felix Forest

Lesley says:

I wonder if the clients that live here are 'of colour' if that is the way to say it. My sincere apologies if I got it wrong.

Jared Hayden says:

Exquisite taste and appreciation of quality in furnishings, art, materials and finishes. As for the "people of colour" comment above, WTF?!

Lesley says:

It was the art work and colour scheme.

msdofb says:

Absolutely love the railing. It would make me smile every time i used that staircase.

Maria says:

Lesley what prompted the people of colour comment?? Seems strange.

Al says:

Really Leslie??? I hope you were asking if they love colour, because if you were questioning whether they were of ethnic background your comment is completely out of order in this day and age.. Are you for real?? That mentality should be dead and buried by now.. I suppose you voted NO in a recent question too?? Just sayin..

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