A Georgian villa in England

Posted on Sun, 28 Jan 2018 by KiM

I am having some serious heart palpitations over this absolutely breathtaking Georgian villa in Bath, Somerset, England. With many of its original period features maintained, this home with its traditional decor and pastel colour scheme is simply magical. I would of course add a few more modern pieces here and there but there is SO much you could do with a structure this beautiful. And then the views! AHHH!!! Available as a location home via jj Locations.

Moyra says:

A beautiful, elegant place. More photos please!

xavier says:

Love the exterior.

Vivienne says:

Absolutely stunning. And photo no.5 could qualify for one of your 'Pets on furniture' entries.

atma says:

That insanely sunny kitchen in pic 8 would drive me up the wall, but everything else is glorious! Glorious in a subtle elegant way or glorious in a large, lived-in extravagant way, I'm even this close to letting apricot walls back in my life. Thank you for the never ending supply of awesome!

Lesley says:

The woodwork treatment is so much more to my taste than that of the following post.

April says:

lovely inside and out.

Lorraine says:

Love the exterior! The interior, not so much. They sure did ruin the visual of that last fireplace with the awful cloud? wallpaper.

Pauline says:

Its absolutely stunning inside and out however I would have to change the cloud wallpaper and maybe lay some decent carpet in the bedrooms but other than that I would love to live there

Sylvia says:

Looove almost everything, not the wallpaper.

ellen brehne says:

Is it haunted. It is beautiful, but what’s it like after dark???

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