Masculine glamour at Casa Botelho

Posted on Fri, 2 Feb 2018 by KiM

João Botelho, interior and furniture designer at Casa Botelho based in London, is drawn to masculine glamour, symmetry and to-die-for statement lighting. Even if it means bashing your head frequently on the massive light fixture hanging low over the bed. This is João’s glorious four-storey East London townhouse (including a couple of iterations of his living room). 

Jared Hayden says:

It's a stunningly beautiful home, but I don't know what makes it particularly "masculine". I'd think that for a man to have that level of taste, he'd have to be very unconcerned with being first and foremost thought of as "manly".

Alex says:

This is easily my favorite in a while. Some of the decor is a bit overstated (the zebra and the bed and bath chandeliers), but overall this is the aesthetic I want to achieve in my dream home. I especially appreciate the kitchen table and benches.

Emmeka says:

I agree with Alex – perhaps overstated. Lots of eye candy upstaging other eye candy. We do like candy. But the zebra. Sigh. In this day and age, having a magnificent dead animal hanging from a wall is so 18th Century, and reflects a privileged and abusive worldview that one can only hope is dying out. Otherwise love the stunning muted palette and beautiful spaces.

Holland says:

Another dead animal as decor? Oh h#ll no.

Cheryl says:

The dead zebra on the wall is both offensive and unnecessary. The muted colors are nice but it feels like one room is trying to upstage the next. The dramatic pieces seem to be part braggadocio and just over the top. It also feels cold and unforgiving. Not my favorite space, by a long shot.

ombia says:

I love this apartment. To all complaining about Zebra – what should Kim do???? Photoshop it? Not show all the beuatiful Apartments to us because of that? We all know how much she loves animals. But to read this every single time you see an animal head is boring.

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