At the office on a Sunday

Posted on Sun, 11 Feb 2018 by KiM

Once again I am completely envious of this work environment that could not be more opposite of the one I have been living with for the past 16 years. The folks working for GitHub in SoMa, San Francisco, have it made 10 times over thanks to the designers at Studio Hatch.

At the core of GitHub technology is social collaboration, which was made physically evident in their 55,000 square foot headquarters. The three story office space includes a variety of work environments to accommodate different work styles and flexibility including multiple cafes, a commercial kitchen, full bar, indoor park, dojo and coder caves. As a company founded in local cafes and bars around the city of San Francisco, it was important to infuse these types of environments throughout the space as a nod to the company’s roots.

The beautiful brick and timber space was once the site of a dried fruit packing warehouse in the early 1900’s. Along with GitHub’s own “ship it” mentality, the design honors the rich roots of the space through the use of vintage shipping containers, deconstructed and rebuilt on site as a reference to the train that rolled right through the ground floor.

Mehtab says:

Very Good Post, I really Like It… Thanks

Lorraine says:

Pretty cool. It must cost a ton of money to run the place. Do they live there also?

Lisa says:

Oh, those timbers! I just want to hug them! And that brown tiled floor ! Gorgeous.

Moyra says:

Very creative people! I love the plant stand with the cute little hanging plant pots. That’s brilliant! Thanks.

axie says:

A variety of work environments is an understatement! The rails and ties are very clever- also, the Oval Office haha

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