A new bedroom and library in an old apartment

Posted on Tue, 6 Mar 2018 by KiM

While I anxiously await the project that never seems like it is going to happen (the creation of a library in my third floor unused space), I can only hold back pangs of jealousy when I come across projects like this by Sophie Lallias of Atelier Sofi(A). She created a bedroom and library and left a narrow staircase to access the rest of the apartment. 3.5 metre high bookcases allow for maximum use of a very small space and the result is TONS of book storage, a workspace and a cozy bedroom. (That’s FarrowBall’s Tessela wallpaper in the hallway and Cole & Sons Woods & Stars in the bedroom…and these photos are by Benoit Alazard)

Check out another project of Sophie’s here

Mary says:

I absolutely love this apartment. One problem I see with such a narrow staircase is, how to move furniture and all those boxes of books!!!.

Jared Hayden says:

I love this space. It pushes all my buttons. I’m fortunate enough to own that sconce seen in the niche. I bought it at a flea market and love it.



I am a fan of architecture and general interior design 🙂 from Poland
Are the presented projects copyright? Can I get some information on the creator?

KiM says:

Designer’s info is in my intro

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