Staged to sell in D.C.

Posted on Wed, 28 Mar 2018 by KiM

Staging a home for sale is quite a task. De-personalizing and appealing to the broadest range of potential buyers is what it’s all about. These photos of a beautiful, million dollar home in Washington, D.C. were sent over by the Trevor Moore team and is a great example of the importance of staging and getting some really good photographs for a listing.

LouloudeLaval says:

The way this house is staged leaves me cold, cold. It does not spark any desire to take a long visit. Sorry to leave this negative comment but I have been following you two for a long long time and I am not inspired anymore. Maybe I am not your target audience. It’s OK. Big hugs in the name of my many years here!

I shot this and I’m not sure what you mean by cold. Does it look clean, yes but I captured it being very much lived in. Dishes in the cabinets, books in bookshelves, etc.

Lorena says:

I like it! It looks bright and fresh and yes, lived in. In fact I find it a refreshing change to see an interior that is not your typical boring staged house for sale. And definitely not cold at all, for me. Clarification about how you define this?

Marie says:

Its just another blandesville space. There are so many of them around at the moment. I believe they are meant to signify good taste or saleability or clever staging or I’ve had a second tier designer in here.

Boring boring boring. Give me life and spaces that feel lived and loved.

Be bold. Be you. And never hire a stylist.

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