Nancy Braithwaite’s elements of design

Posted on Fri, 13 Apr 2018 by KiM

Atlanta designer Nancy Braithwaite‘s key elements of design are as follows:

Architecture – Design at its best is often a collaborative venture. On successful projects, the architect and designer learn from one another, support one another, and enhance each other’s work. Architecture for me is always the important beginning of each project. It is the sculptural skeleton.

Composition – Composition is one of the many techniques a designer can use to achieve the unpredictable — that unexpected choice that so often makes a room memorable. Repetition establishes an interior rhythm, directing the eye around and through a room in an orderly, measured way.

Proportion and Scale – With proportion and scale, as with composition, I work from the grandest strokes to the most minute details. Increasing the scale of a design element to the anticipated proportions — and then pushing it beyond — carries with it the thrill of risk taking.

Color – Nothing in design is more mysterious, compelling, or personal than color. Combined with pattern, texture, and finish, it changes qualities yet again. So complex at all times, so ambiguous always — the potency and possibility of color is like nothing else in design.

Pattern – To avoid visual noise, patterns need to be chosen carefully, mixed purposefully, and artfully applied. Under no circumstance should a pattern overwhelm a room or its architecture, nor should it disguise the object to which it is applied. To do so negates the point.

Texture – Every object, material, and work of art reveals an essential part of its character through its surface. Texture is the dimensional aspect of that surface. It intrigues and draws the eye as it simultaneously invites the touch. As such, texture is also a form of pattern, and that is how frequently I use it.

Craftsmanship – Artisans of the highest caliber carry on the great decorative arts traditions and forge new paths. They are the keepers of custom and the enhancers of craft. They bring beauty, educate the eye, and create heroic singularity.

Melanie D Millar says:

very very lovely. I have to think up a new word for sublime, but until I do these interiors are sublime. They put me in mind of Rose Tarlow. I couldn’t find a single design cliche. Thank you!

Anne says:

Compelling, so simple yet profound. Thank you

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